About Bowyer

My name is Marie-Jeanne (MJ) Bowyer.

I have lived in the Hawkesbury for nearly 21 years and as a result I am passionate about this unique part of the world. My 4 children and 2 grandchildren all live in the Hawkesbury too and have no desire to live anywhere else. 
I have been involved in community groups for a very long time and been an active firefighter for 17 years with the RFS, originally with Grose Vale brigade and for the past 7 years with Grose Wold brigade. 
Wanting to maintain the semi rural nature and country town feel the Hawkesbury consists of, I have fought hard against the destructive superhighway corridor proposals which have surfaced regularly for decades. As a result I have been a member of BLORCAG (Bells Line of Road Community Action Group) since its inception and am a present committee member. 
Looking forward into 2019 and beyond, I am more certain than ever that the Hawkesbury deserves a representative that lives in the area, knows the area, cares about the area and what our children inherit from us. So I have put my hand up as the Independent Candidate for Hawkesbury.